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Paytender Information

FAQ - Paytender

About Paytender

Paytender is the most convenient, and secure way to pay for your cannabis using just your phone. It’s convenient for you and safe for all of us.

Why Paytender

In order to create a safe and sanitary environment for our customers and employees, we encourage contactless payments using the Paytender mobile wallet. There’s no cost to create an account. Link your bank account to pay quickly and easily. 

How to Complete a PayAhead Request

If you received a text message from us including a link to submit a payment for your order, please follow these instructions:
1. Click the link in the text message.
2. New users sign up and existing users sign in.
3. Add a payment method (if one isn’t already added)
4. Submit payment.

Need help?

Email support@paytender.com

Call 1-800-687-1557

Your Paytender wallet is a “Prepaid Account,” you can load it with funds and spend those funds at Paytender merchants. There are no fees to link your bank account. To load your account more than once, we need to verify your identity. If you think there is fraud on your account, contact Paytender immediately.